Antietam National Battlefield

Arcadia Round Barn

Arnold House

Art Deco in Miami

Atlantic City Boardwalk


Aztec Pyramid

Berlin Wall

Block Island Lighthouse

Bowl Weevil Monument

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Churchill Downs

Cinderella's Castle

Chrysler Building

Clanton Water Tower

Clinton Center

Crazy Horse Memorial

Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Ellis Island

Emerson Home

Enchanted Highway


Florence Water Tower

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Ford Rotonda

Fountain of Youth

French Quarter

Frost, Robert's Farm

Gateway Arch


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Great Wall of China

Guggenheim Museum

Hagia Sofia

Hale, Nathan Home


Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Harding Memorial

Heublein Tower

Holland, Michigan Windmill

Hoover, Herbert's Birthplace

Idaho Potato Museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Ingall's Home

Jefferson Memorial

Jones, John Paul's Home

Las Vegas Sign

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Les Invalides

Liberty Hall

Lincoln's Birthplace

Lincoln Memorial

Machu Picchu

Maya Pyramid

Mesopotamia Ziggurat

Mont Saint Michelle

Mormon Tabernacle

Mount Vernon Estate

Nebraska Capitol Building

Notre Dame de Paris

OK Corral

Old North Church

Paris Landscape

Parthenon (Nashville)

Peace Towers

Peachoid Water Tower

Petronas Towers

Phoenix Shot Tower


Portland Head Lighthouse

Presley Birthplace

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rome Colosseum

Roman Colosseum

Round Church

Seattle Space Needle

Settler's House

San Jacinto Monument

San Luis Rey Mission

Southernmost Point of the Continental USA


Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island

Stowe, Harriet Beecher's House

Sydney Opera House

Toronto Skyline

Tower of Babel

Truman Home

Twain Home

Tybee Lighthouse

US Capitol Building

U.S. Capitol Building

USS Arizona Memorial

Walls of Jericho

Washington Monument

White House

White House

Will Rogers Theater

Willis Tower (Sears Tower)

World's Largest Teapot

Wounded Knee Memorial

Wright Brother's Memorial

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